Welcome to BG P-Patch

This website was built to help Burke-Gilman gardeners enjoy and manage each other and the garden.  

On this website you can:
  • Access content about the garden (such as photos, meeting notes, maps, etc.) by navigating through the sidebar on the left side of this page.
  • Comment on the pages of this website
  • Start a discussion with group members by visiting our discussion group or sending an email to ppatch_burke_gilman@googlegroups.com
  • Browse historic group content (pre-March 2011) by visiting our old webpage
  • Extend this website by creating new content such as pages, files, or adding photos

Suggestions for extending this website:
  • Create a "Links" page to helpful gardening pages.
  • Create a "P-Patch Program Info and Policy" page to highlight the P-Patch website and our governing rules and regulations.
  • Create pages on work party planning, tracking volunteer hours, common maintenance tasks, and other routines that keep the garden going.
  • Add more suggestions to this list and remove suggestions once they've been addressed.