Get Bitcoin

Go here if you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin. It would be a good idea to get to understand this process before playing Buried Keys competitively. This is a multi-step process for now, but soon it should be much simpler. These step-by-step instructions should suffice in the meantime. First of all, you will need to have all your Dig questions in order. You will then need a way to type all of them into a special kind of Private Key generator. There are several. One of the easiest is to use BitAddress. This is a Java program that can even run offline if you want to disconnect from the internet to use it. You will then go to the Wallet Details tab and type in (or copy/paste) each word in your answers with one space between them into the Enter Private Key box. They are case sensitive and can only be letters and numbers. Example: altimeter vegetarian chocolate periwinkle Yosemite juniper Jupiter George Washington
By pressing the View Details button and then OK you would get a Bitcoin Address (it starts with a 1) that should match the Bitcoin Address with the Dig. In this case the Bitcoin Address is  1thRWQZVUqBFcyGhBkHM2nS29e5Sj7gb1 along with a corresponding QR code. If that matches the Bitcoin Address for the Dig, then you look for the Private Key (starts with a 5 and is base58). In this case it is 5KSxXCvfEjujLKCya8H7YHepGCBiWmiU6cvkkfH7W4H16VvGApd.

Once you have your Private Key, you can then unlock the treasure, but you will need to use it quickly before someone else also finds the key and removes the treasure before you do!

Once you have your Private Key, there are several ways to redeem it for Bitcoin. Probably the easiest is to use an online wallet. It is not recommended to use online wallets for large amounts. The reason is that you are storing money on someone's server that offers no insurance against loss from accident or theft. For Buried Keys, they should be fine for short term storage. The first one recommended is MtGox. You will need to set up an account that requires only a username, password, and a valid email address. Once your account is active there is a section where you can import your Private Key and acquire Bitcoin. MtGox will automatically secure your imported Bitcoin so you don't have to worry about someone stealing it.

Another online wallet is My Wallet where you can then go into the import section (after acknowledging that it is an advanced feature) and import your Private Key. Once the address is verified after up to a, you will need to send the Bitcoin from that address to another address. Either send it to another one on My Wallet or anywhere else that has a secure address for which no one else has a key. You will then need to click the far right archive button next to your newly imported key.

There are also downloadable Bitcoin clients for computers and smartphones that have much of this functionality too. Once you have your Bitcoin, these are also great ways to start spending Bitcoin!