The rewards for playing Buried Keys are the keys to unlock a cryptographic treasure in the form of Bitcoin. These Bitcoin can be stored in your own treasure chest or spent to buy things at many online sites. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Bitcoin and how to create a wallet. There are many programs you may download as source code that you can compile yourself or you may simply trust the program providers and download them to use right away. There are also several online wallets that can be used, but it is not advisable to store very much at one time nor any for very long. They are available as many computer and smartphone versions, and they should all work pretty well for this website.

Once you complete all the digs for each buried key, you will enter them in order into a specialized key generator of that series of words. The public part of the key must match the public key presented on the dig page. The private key will then be entered by you importing it into your Bitcoin program, app, or online wallet. You will then, as soon as you are able to, spend that amount to a secure Bitcoin address. After the Bitcoin is sent to your own private address, it is advisable to delete the address imported by you or else someone else may solve the dig after you and get a copy of the keys for themselves and steal your treasure out from under your nose! It is also possible that you may get the keys yourself right after someone else and they are already spent. This is all about competition.

This process is somewhat complex at the moment. If you are not familiar with how Bitcoin works, it is advisable to get assistance from someone that has expertice with Bitcoin.

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