Rock Oddysey Dig 1a

This first Rock Music Dig will guide you through the madness and mayhem that devours our youth and leaves our ears ringing. There is no hard definition to the term as inluences wax and wane with the generations.

1. What was the first and last name of the person whose song was an improperly credited or uncredited influence on bands such as The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Styx, and inspired a whole genre of ballad.

2. This song and an unrelated movie are decades apart, but both speak about the craziness of life and growing up to discover how important it is to enjoy it while it lasts.

3. Who was given their band name from an Artists & Repertoire secretary's random accessories?

4. What band combined tight harmonies with exotic guitar work and boasted the absence of electrified polyphonic voices?

5. Who was born in Mississippi, raised in Kentucky, and on the way to Minnesota, died in South Dakota?

6. Dowd, Spector, Parsons, Eno, are all pioneers of what music profession?

7. Who allegedly told a reporter he felt he'd made it when Weird Al did a parody of him?

8. A popular San Francisco News organization penned the definition of rock and roll has having what kind of rhythm?

9. Where did the wrestler go instead of Heaven?

10. What song began a hit Broadway show talking about very large objects and relationships?

11. What is the minimum number of casualties if something's got to give, but doesn't?

12. When everything is never as it seems, the world is illuminated by a sky full of what?

13. When you can't be the forgivin' kind, it's because you like to do what kinds of things that are more your style?

14. Besides the Magical Mystery Tour, what else is waiting to take you away?

15. What dancing legend taught David Bowie how to do the robot?