Welcome to Buried Keys (Beta)

Notice: It seems these puzzles are too difficult to solve. This site will be redesigned in the near future. If the remaining puzzles are not solved by April 1, 2013, then the puzzles will be ended and the answers posted. The new design will be much different. Stay tuned.

This site introduces the hobby of exploring and digging for buried online treasure. The site is arranged by subjects of interest in order to create labyrinths of exciting puzzles, quests, riddles, and learning that suits your interests. You will begin each new adventure by going to the Topic you are interested in and choosing a Dig. New Digs will have unclaimed treasure keys. Each Dig question reveals a part of the key to the buried treasure. You may compete with other treasure hunters for the keys or you may visit older Digs that may no longer have prizes, but are still fun! The Topics, Digs, keys, and rewards are solely at the discretion of the site owner. There is no fee for participation. Each Dig is a winner-take-all contest. There are no guarantees of any rewards since others are competing with you, but that never stopped true treasure hunters!

Note: There may be people that try to cheat this game using powerful computers. Understand this, the author knows that the human mind is far better at some things than computers will be for quite some time. This site will soon include a new device under development that will thwart any key decryption attempt, but for now we'll just keep this fun. This is also in open beta testing. The rewards keys are small, but the winner that gets the key and moves it first will have the bragging rights in the future Hall of Fame.

How to Play

Choose a Topic or pick from the newest (topmost) links from Latest Digs for Buried Keys section below. Read the question carefully and write down what you think is the answer. Answers will not have the most common words like "a," "and," or "the." They will usually be uncommon or even rare word or foreign words. The Topic will define any special language rules and additional rules may be added for individual Digs. Some questions may have more than one correct answer. The author will try to be as specific as possible, but if you know the answer and it doesn't work, go ahead and try another that also may be correct. If it turns out a Dig becomes too difficult, after a period of time it will be closed and the prize added to the next Dig in that category.

Latest Digs for Buried Keys.

Bible Oddysey Dig 1a
The Public Key is 1MQVYyHAEE3S4iGCPUS6Kx3FYABconWBV6

Rock Oddysey Dig 1a
The Public Key is 1GovHK2U5cdErx1u4GQLX8MpYhmRZnFg75

Lastest Crossword Gold puzzles.

Geography 1a

Disclaimer: The author has left these rewards available for claim in the global and international Bitcoin Network. Anyone not eligible to participate due to any local or international laws are discouraged from doing so. Friends and family of the author are eligible to play and are encouraged to do so, but as hard as they might try, any answers they might try to get from the author will probably be wrong.

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