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Geography 1a

1. Province with unique 2000 y/o metal anthropomorphic burial jars.
5. The iron mine near the god of wine.
6. Colonial name came from the word serendipity.
10. Has cave temples of limestone.
11. Techtonically connected to North America, Africa, and Eurasia.
12. A mountain town in Kazakhstan
15. Has a century old cablecar powered by blackwater.
16. Where the wall begins.
18. Sun worshipper destination.
19. Home of the largest cat and the Hobbit House.
20. Home of Hayabouts and Meryton.
2. Birthplace for founder of The Republic newspaper and the Unionist Party.
3. Formerly the largest University in Spain.
4. Boasts the tallest free-standing structure South of the Equator
7. Eastern border of the Curzon Line
8. Namesake of Meyer and Kruger, among others.
9. Where the Zephyr meets the holy waterway.
13. There are only six larger islands in the world.
14. You will eat lutefisk and lefse.
17. Often joked about town in New Jersey.
19. The two towers of upstate New York.
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