Speaker Info

March 21st - Freddie Jones

Freddie started out as qualified engraver but yearning for an outdoor life got him into horticulture and was then able to call himself a “practicing horticulturist “ before retirement beckoned . He gave this talk to a group of scouts twenty five years ago and ended up joining them as a helper.

May 16th - James Davis

Down on the Farm - James Davis, one of our members, has kindly invited us to an evening on the family farm. They now have a covered trailer which has been converted to carry passengers in the dry as last time we visited the heavens opened and we all went home a lot heavier due to our clothes soaking up the downpour. In previous visits we have been towed behind one of the steam vehicles either King George V or “Britannia”. Come along and prepare to be surprised. - Wren Davis Ltd

June 20th - Pauline Ashley

Advertises to mend broken ornaments that may have left you heart broken. Specialises in china , stoneware and porcelain repair artist which includes figurines with broken fingers, limbs, heads, flowers, knobs, handles, chips, lids, feet, vessels etc.

September 19th - Bob Smith

Having spent a working life mainly fixing commercial vehicles, wagons and the like, he has also, in his spare time, worked on buses for Friends of King Alfred buses (FOKAB) a preservation group doing their MOT preparation. He did, for some years, own a wrecker that would stand by at bus gatherings ready to tow in any failures but it was rarely needed. Exploits with this wrecker formed the basis of one his many talks, being handy with the camera helps to illustrate these talks.

He has also had a life long association with AEC vehicles the latest of which is an ex-BRS Mammoth Major Mk3 and he will be updating about this on his next visit, an evening not to be missed I might suggest.

October 17th - Maidenhead Heritage Centre