Welcome to Bryan's RET Experience Website!


Hello everyone, my name is Bryan and this summer I'm working at Boston University with the BU RET program.  This program places science teachers in research labs at BU in the Biophotonics department.  This gives us a hands-on experience with the mechanics of science as they are performed by professionals.  


My current project comes courtesy of Dr. Unlu's lab.  His students have developed an instrument called IRIS which is able to detect incredibly small amounts of material mounted on slides.  It determines the height of the substance by shining different colors of light on it, and from that information we can determine how much of the substance there is.  It's more complicated that that of course, but that's the basic idea.  Eventually, the lab hopes to miniaturize the device and use it to identify viruses in small samples of blood in order to more quickly diagnose diseases in humans living in hard to reach places, especially Africa.  We're still years away from that goal, but we are making progress.  

Day to Day:

Here's a brief video which I made over the course of a very regular day in the lab.  It should give you a basic idea of what research is like.  You'll also meet Jared, my fellow RET participant and partner for the summer.