This website was developed originally for the DNA Project, but it has been expanded to include anyone who is interested in genealogy for the surname Burditt/Burdett/ Burdette with some exceptions. The purpose of this website is to share and help each other. The menu for this site is vertical. Click on any of the items in the menu, and it will take you to that page. The word “link” may not appear in an actual link, but the link is sometimes represented by bold and or underlined links. With time, I will try to have most of them have the word “link” included.

The Burditt DNA Genealogy project includes the various spelling of the surname: Burditt, Burdett, Burdette. Also, the Burdick family is included. There has been some evidence that the Burdick’s and Burdett’s were related in Wales England. We have members living in United States, England, and Australia. We have 9 different related groups as of 12/9/2013. In addition we have two groups which are unassigned, which means none of them have a match with any of our other members.

One thing we learned early in DNA testing was that just because someone spelled their surname the same way did not make them related. Also, we have many participants who have a deep interest in genealogy and were instrumental in getting other people to join the project.

DNA results can help in knocking down brick walls, and it can keep you from chasing someone that is not related to you. We experienced this situation in a Burdett/Burditt family with their origin in 1700’s in Maryland. Whether you are male or female, you can participate.

An essential part of a successful genealogy project is to share and help each other. Please forward this website URL to other interested parties so they can help and participate in the DNA and genealogy features of this website..