Burbank Country Club on Wheels


Who we are:
We are a golf club that fits the needs of the golfer who can't alway play as often as he'd like or one that wants to hit 'em every week but doesn't want to pay for "downtime." You pick and choose when you can play and pay just for that.Not a bad idea! ? We thought so 24 years ago.
Feel free to try us on any Wednesday...just pay the $60 for the round! And this includes the bus and the bar!!
How to join:
 Meet us at our mobile clubhouse at Lancer's Restaurant in Burbank on Wednesday mornings. The time depends on the scheduled course. Lancer's is located at 697 Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA, 91502.
$250 every six months - covers bus expenses, libations and hors d'ouevres.
$60 for each round you play, when you play.
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