Martin's group in Lausanne develops theĀ Scala programming language. Myself, I redesigned the pattern matcher and contributed the XML libraries and tools. I am not much involved but always looking for ways to put this great language to good use. There is simply not much else that could replace Java.

Scala Servlet HowTo

The Scala Servlet HowTo, in v0.9 now, teaches you how to roll your own.
Maybe in the age of web frameworks and lift this is a tad anachronistic. Still, if you want to check out the files, they are in scalaServletHowTo-0.9.tgz. Tested with scala-2.6.0-final and Tomcat 5.5.25. (Thanks to James Riordan for helpful comments.)

<scala/xml> book

If you deal with XML, you can make your life simpler by using scala.xml. I wrote this part of the Scala API which follows several standards closely. It is all explained in the scala.xml book (updated for scala-2.6.1)