These Beetles are the  JEWELS           
                           in the Entomological Crown  
                                                                  of the Animal Kingdom
More colorful and varied that any other beetles, these gems are attracted to the nectar of native flowers and typically appear in summertime on very hot days.  They time their emergence to the flowering period of host plants such as tea tree, daisy bush, thorny box and eucalyptus.    They mimic bees, or leaves or ladybird beetles or other (lycid) beetles or even each other. They are very diverse and can sometimes be quite difficult to categorize.

This site is a gallery and reference collection of beetles and can assist you in identifying the jewel beetles that you find.  Also I wish to inspire you to notice the incredible range of colors and patterns that nature has to offer.  

This page is strongest for Castiarina genus in Victoria and NSW.  Thanks are due to Geoff Walker and Allen Sundholm who have collected some of the specimens and taken some of the Photographs.  I have made attributions accordingly.
Any errors are my own, Corrections are welcome.

Species    1283 
Genera         82
 Castiarina bella     Bunyip    Photo;   Martin Lagerwey