Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Send us your questions, and we will add the most common Q & A here.

1. Can I rename videos with this app?
    [answer] Yes! For instructions, visit this page.

2. Why is there only a 15 minute return period?
    [answer] The Android Market controls this time period. Frankly, we liked the 24 hour return period that used to be in place. If you want to return Snip (beyond the 15 minute window), send us an email with your Google checkout number, and we will honor the old 24 hour period.

3. Why am I having issues installing/upgrading the Snip software?
    [answer] The Android Market has complete control of the billing/download/installation process. If you are having issues installing, please check you email for emails from the Google Checkout Service. It may have had issues processing your transaction. If Snip fails to complete the download or complete the installation, please make sure that you have a good/constant connection to the internet.