Welcome to BuntCake Software!

Provider of the 'Snip Video Trimmer' for Android.

  • Trim Video Clips - allows you to shorten lengthy videos so that you can send the short videos to friends.
  • Delete Video Clips
  • Watch Video Clips
  • View Clip Details
  • Rename Video Clips

  • Want to suggest a new feature or report an issue? Email us, we really appreciate it! buntcakesoftware@gmail.com

Some notes about trimming clips with the Snip Video Trimmer:
  • Clips can only start on I-Frames. I frames tend to be present about every 1 second in a video clip. What does this mean? Well basically, if you trim a clip, we may need to adjust the in point you chose to line up with an I-frame boundary. Dont worry, we will always include the video you chose to trim (but may include a little more)
  • In testing the Snip Video Editor, we test clips created using our Android phones. We believe the software will work pretty well with these clips, but may have issues with other clips that were imported into phones from other places. Therefore, we ONLY officially support videos recorded on Android phones.

Instructions for trimming a video clip:
Step 1: Chose a video to trim. Simply touch the thumbnail of the video to trim.
HINT: Long press on a thumbnail for other features!

Step 2: Select a new "Start" and "End" point for the clip. Use the "Set Start" and "Set End buttons to do so.
Play to the position of the desired new start point, and press the "Set Start" button. Then play to the desired End Point, and press the "Set End" button.

OR...  drag the markers on the timeline to the desired positions.

Step 3: When you are ready to trim the clip, press the "Trim" button. The progress dialog will appear and show progress and also show you the name of the new trimmed clip. We do not alter the original source clip, so as not to put your movies in any risk.

The new clip will appear in the gallery when finished! The new clip name will be the same as the original clip name, but with an underscore and a number attached to the end of the name. If you wish to choose a new name, long press on the thumbnail, and choose 'Details' to rename the clip.

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