The Waterhole #3, previously Mike And Sandy's, was opened May 1st 1970 by Mike Devlin and Bill Grogan. Bill later opened the Coach And Four, which is now where the Adirondack Daily Enterprise operates from. Before the coach And Four the Family Burger was located in that spot.

Bill Grogan was regularly hounded by local law enforcement because of his "long haired" patrons but still managed to do a lot of good for Saranac Lake. Bill stepped in to save the winter carnival when the Chamber Of Commerce gave up on it. He also organized a group from the area colleges to clean up the Saranac River. The river had never been cleaned up until Bill got this group of "long hairs" involved in the project. The group promptly named themselves "GROGAN'S HEROES"  in honor of their leader. They also cleaned the roadsides of the village leading to the dump.  

During the seventies the younger generation was more active than today and there were constant protests. Below you will see pics of the Mother's March and the Kent State protest at Riverside Park. During the Kent State protest a participants' dog fell into the lake and was being washed toward the dam when  a dramatic rescue took place. Two "hippies" hung by one hand under the bridge and grabbed the dog while others ran across to the powerhouse and commandeered a ladder. They then pulled the dog to safety. Those pics are also below.

Bill Grogan, now living in St. Thomas, sent the pics after I ran into him last summer at the Waterhole while he was up on vacation. I'm sure he won't like me telling about the good he did for the community because it will ruin the reputation he worked so hard to establish but he'll get over it. Bill Grogan is now organizing a big 40 Year Waterhole Reunion for 2010.

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