Bunda Designated District Hospital




The ELCT Diocese in Mara Region is the owner of the Hospital and runs it as Designated District Hospital for Bunda District.  The Hospital is situated in Bunda Town on the Musoma Mwanza main road.


In 1982 the ELCT Mbulu Synod which was overseeing the Lutheran Ministry in Mara Region decided to look into possibility of building a Hospital in the Region, as there was no Government Hospital in Bunda District.  In 1988 the regional authorities requested the synod to build a hospital and run it as a designated district hospital so that it could provide services to the people in cooperation with the Government.


The General assembly of Mbulu Synod agreed to take the challenge.  The synod asked the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) to participate in the project by providing 20% of the construction cost, but also obtained 80% of the cost from NORAD.  The local contribution to the project included provision of free land, access road, and water rights from Balili hills, water storage tanks and airstrip.


The construction work was started in August 1988.  The building was estimated to take 80 weeks but due to delay it was finished early 1992.  The hospital services started on 10th February, 1992 but the hospital was officially opened on the 27th September, 1992 by president of United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Alli Hassan Mwinyi.


Bunda D.D.H occupies an area of about 5,560sqm.  It has capacity of 200 beds (approved beds) and a total of about 169 employees.  The hospital has target population of 300,000 as per year 2002 censor for people living in Bunda District with the growth of 4.8% per annum.


The hospital budget is financed by the government under special agreement with the diocese, and the church being the owner of the hospital is responsible for the capital expenditures
The hospital gets its water supplies from Lake Victoria, which is only 10 km from the hospital.
Additional water supply comes from a spring in the Balili hills behind and from a well