Bunchkie's Planning Bio


How We Met

Shawn and I met while swing dancing.  We knew each other for about a year before we started dating.  We have a lot of fun together hanging out and  making each other laugh.   We got engaged Christmas of 2006 and have had a long engagement.  Last year we combined households and are renting out my house.  We are both ready to be married and put all this planning behind us.

Did I mention that we love Halloween?

The Engagement

Shawn asked me to be his wife on Christmas 2007.   I was wondering why he had the camera all set up and was so nervous.  I started laughing after he put the ring on my finger.  The rest of the day I tried calling my parents in Slavakia.  Unfortunately they were the last to know because of the time difference.  My mom started laughing when she heard the news (I guess it runs in the family).  I was beaming and giddy all day!!

The Rings

Shawn bought my ring at Ben Bridge.  I really love it because it is unique and different.  I special-ordered it so the band is all white gold.  I did not really like the two-toned gold look.  I think I might get some sapphires enlayed in the band.


Save The Dates


Here is our fabulous save the date postcards that we designed ourselves.  We "purchased" the bird from www.stockphoto.com.  I found the calendar from an old japanese print that my parents had.  We had them printedat Ander's printing.

The Dress

This was not my favorite activity to do.  Trying on sample dresses when you tall and a size 12/14 is not a fun task.  After sort of trying on too small samples, I finally found a shop that not only carried my sizes but had dresses that were too big on me.  This experience is much better on the old ego.  I found several dresses that I really liked but then found one that I really loved.  I wanted a dress that was comfotable and fit the vintage theme I was looking for.  This dress has alot of lace and it's a little bit sparkly.  It's a slim a-line and makes my curves look great. 

I was adament about not having a strapless dress but that is the only thing available right now.  If I have time I will probably get cap sleaves made.






I special ordered some items from etsy seller Piperewan.  She is from Portland and has gorgeous stuff on her website. I'm wearing this by my veil in the back.  My feathers are black and white.  I just got this today and it is gorgeous!

I also ordered a matching garter with a red flower... ooo la la...

My hair will be styled similar to this with this hair broach on the side.

Perhaps this necklace because it's gorgeous!!  This a find from etsy seller Handwired Jewelry designs.


Wedding Party Attire

All of my girls are picking their own black cocktail dresses.   They are all going to wear a crimson sash bow that I'm ordering from David's Bridal.






Their sash is either going to be tied or wrapped in a bow.  Either way I'm sure it will be lovely...


I ordered this necklace for my bridesmaids.  I love Etsy because it is affordable, handmade, and quality all wrapped up in one.

Make-up/ hair trial

These were my hair inspirations. Although my hair is a lot shorter.  I loved the curls piled on top of my head.  It took a million hair pins and a lot of hair spray to achieve this look. 

Engagement Photos







The Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner is going to be at Edgefield on Thursday night.  We have a ton of out of town guests and I really wanted them to experience different parts of Oregon.  I'm really excite to have Edgefield as one of our events.  Plus since it is on Thursday we can join in on the after party!

 The Wedding

We are planning on having our wedding at the Unitarian Church in the elliott chapel.  I planned my entire wedding around this chapel.  This was my first home in Portland and I have a lot of wonderful memories here.  We are having a Methodist minister marry us at this church.  Hopefully we will have an organist and a small bell choir play (in memory of my grandma). 

The Reception

We are having the reception at The Tiffany center.  Since we enjoy swing dancing, we really wanted a ballroom.  This is a cool wood art deco ballroom with a huge stage.  Hopefully we will have a swing band so we can dance into the night. This is another thing on my list that I haven't gotten to yet...  I'm scared to look at the quotes. 

update-  After months of searching, we finally found our perfect band.  The Shanghai Woolies!!!  They are on offshoot of Pink Martini and we saw them tonight at a club.  We were blown away by their talent plus they are super nice...  We are stretching our budget a little to have them play but a good band is important to us dancers.  Plus both sets of parents will love them and they are are great band to watch as well for any non dancers in the crowd. 


The food will be provided by in-house catering (Rafatti's).  I hope it's really good because we haven't had a tasting yet.  Fingers crossed...



We are having a art deco/ hollywood/ asian theme.  I grew up in Japan so I would have an asian theme without trying...  Plus old hollywood has a lot of asian influences.  Hopefully it will all come together!

 tablenu  Darcy Miller

This is the inspiration for my centerpeices/ table decorations.  I love the simplicity of the flowers.

We are planning on having different hollywood postcards at each table.


Here is the fabric that we are using for our table runners.  It is so pretty!!!  Our colors are black, white, and red.

Some Flower Ideas I have collected...

Bridal Bouquet: Nancy Birch, North Kingstown

Photo By: KristinStudio:

Bridesmaid Bouquets: The Flower Studio, San Francisco


We ordered our yummy cake from Pambiche.  Of all the cake places that we went to they had the yummiest cake.  Well if you consider chocolate coconut and Tres leche yummy.  Our design is based on a cake that I saw on mmmpage's website.  This is the first cake design that the FI and I both loved!!!

Salvador Molly catering/ Vibrant table


I love to travel so planning the honeymoon was my favorite thing to do... Our plans changed several times but we are super excited for our trip!!!

To start out our trip we are flying in San Juan, PR for a couple days.  Our flight to St Lucia stops off there so we thought "Why not stop?".  We are excited to try the yummy food and check out Old Town.  We are staying at the Marriott.


Then we heading off to St. Lucia for the remainder of our honeymoon.  First we are staying at the Ladera resort for 3 nights.  This place looks amazing!!  It has a view of the Pitons and one of the walls is completely open. 


 Then we are off to TiKaye for 5 nights for lots of snorkeling and hanging on the beach with a cocktail in our hand.




Balcony hammock and view




 View of resort

 All pictures were listed on the Tikaye or Ladera websites

 Can we go now???



Vendor Information

Ceremony Location - Unitarian Church



Officiant - Reverend Richard Fuss



Reception Location - Tiffany Center 


Band- Shanghai Woolies



Caterers - Rafaitis Catering



Florist - Page Bender/Vibrant Table



Photographer - Craig Mitchelldyer



Invitations - Anders Printing



My Dress - http://www.bridalexclusives.com/


Make-up/ hair-  Nicole Wagner


Honeymoon Destination - St .Lucia