Spring Training

Balázs Szász, 2012. ápr. 19. 8:31

We uploaded the photos of the spring training which we organised last weekend. Enjoy it! :)

5th Carpathia Cup

Bumaco Fly, 2012. márc. 31. 7:42   [ frissítve: 2012. júl. 30. 11:31, felhasználó: Balázs Szász ]

We uploaded the bulletin of the 5th Carpathia Cup. You will find all of the information on the left side after you choosed "Carpathia Cup". The registration sheet is also available.

Update 1: Pre-liminary list (beta) is available.

Update 2: Important change in the bulletin:
    1.: New category added --> MTR (Mini Team-racing)
New bulletin will be uploded soon!

Update 3
: New bulletin and the rules for the MTR was uploaded! You can download it from the "Attachments"!

Update 4: Final results can be downloaded from the "Attachments" and from our Facebook page.

New Homepage under construction!

Bumaco Fly, 2012. febr. 12. 13:56   [ 2012. febr. 13. 7:50 frissítve ]

Dear Friends!

We find a better and easier solution to improve the communication with You. The new web page is under construction. Hope, we can upload more pictures from our club and work, post more news and help to get new young members.

We come soon!
Members of BumacoFly

Update 1: The old site is available in this link: Bumacofly

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