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Watch Taken Online For Free Without Downloading

watch taken online for free without downloading
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Island play...
Island play...
You know what I like best about these videos? It's that they show real life through the eyes of children. I did not take this video. I let the kids run free with my camera while I was playing basketball or meeting with friends. These videos are not staged or acted for any tourist or adult. They are simply kids being kids without any outside influence while the film was rolling. The kids loved the camera so much and for the first time in their lives an adult trusted them with an expensive piece of electronics. It was a treat to watch them learn how to use it. After a while they were as good a I, if not better! ;-) Sure, the camera had an early demise but hey, it was well worth it to get videos like these. You probably will not believe this but, I still have videos and pictures I have not even viewed yet on my hard drive. The kids were so snap-shot-happy they literally filled any sized memory card in minutes! LOL!!! When I got home to download the videos and pictures I never knew what would be staring back at me from my computer screen and saved them all in a folder that I have yet to completely go through! As I would watch a video I would get ideas! For example: the next vid on my stream is a result of me viewing this one, one night. I saw the makeshift trampoline they were using here and decided to try and order real ones to be shipped out to me in the Marshall Islands. On another occasion I observed a line of kids fishing with soda cans - that night I went online and found hundreds of small ice fishing poles from an Ebay seller at a very good price. Sitting there on the pier watching Marshallese children using ice fishing poles was really cool…they were none the wiser! ;-) And you should have seen the kids excitement when I passed them out! On another occasion I saw a video where a group of kids were fighting over who was going to use my snorkel gear - that night I ordered a bunch of snorkel sets....
Downloading TWiT on my iPhone
Downloading TWiT on my iPhone
I have yet to download a Podcast on my iPhone. This is so cool. I'm listening to it as I'm uploading this screenshot to Flickr. I love my iPhone.

watch taken online for free without downloading
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