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Military Watches For Men

military watches for men
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My dad's omega
My dad's omega
This watch was bought in 1937 by my dad, he joined the RAF in 1937 as a way out of unemployment in the East End of London. It went to France with him to Amien, during Dunkirk , where he was bombed and walked with 6 men (5 of whom survived) for 10 days to Cherbourg and was shipped out during "operation aerial" the postscript to the evacuation for those cut off from the North by the germans (When I say postscript, it was larger than Operation Dynamo). He then took it to India until 1946, and then bought it home, it went to Cyprus and Aden with him where it was worn while he jumped in the sea to save a friend's child, hence the 1950s version of the thirties face which was ruined by the water, When he died in 1983, my mum wore it then gave it to me a few years ago shortly before she died, I had the main spring replaced and the winder repaired last year. It still works, I love it. Christopher Walken has never touched it and it's never been in any unsavoury body cavaties, I just thought it needed to have its photo taken as it's 70 years old and I still wear it every day. It loses a minute a week. a brilliant piece of design and engineering.
Me time: Traser Classic Chrono Blue watch
Me time: Traser Classic Chrono Blue watch
Finally bit the bullet and spent an inordinate amount of money on a ridiculously practical watch which I've been variously eyeing up for the best part of (yes, how sad is this?) 14 years. I'm 29. I blame it all on Andy McNab's mention of Traser army watches. Anyway, here's my photo contribution. It's a watch. Just a watch; it tells the time. I just happen to like that I can rely on it 100% to do exactly that, even when I'm half asleep, in the dark, upside down, in a hedge, in someone's pond (and probably drunk), etc etc etc. Well, I suppose we all need a reliable point of reference in our lives. So mine's a watch. I suspect this narrative may be a bit unnecessary if all you're here for is a picture of a watch. If you are, carry on as you were. Thanks for visiting. :-)

military watches for men
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