Junkers Chronograph - Black Watch Cap Badge

Junkers Chronograph

junkers chronograph
  • An instrument for recording time with great accuracy
  • an accurate timer for recording time
  • A chronograph is a timepiece or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Pocket watch chronographs were produced as early as the 18th century but did not become popular until the 1820s.
  • A chronogram; A device which marks or records time or time intervals; A combination of watch and stopwatch
  • A stopwatch
  • (junker) member of the Prussian aristocracy noted especially for militarism
  • Junkers & Co was a major German aircraft manufacturer. It produced some of the world's most innovative and best-known airplanes over the course of its fifty-plus year history in Dessau, Germany. It was founded there in 1895 by Hugo Junkers, initially manufacturing boilers and radiators.
  • A German nobleman or aristocrat, esp. a member of the Prussian aristocracy
  • German aircraft engineer who designed the first all-metal airplane (1859-1935)

Junkers Jumo 211 J
Junkers Jumo 211 J
Junkers Jumo 211 J pommikonemoottori naytteilla Pohjois-Karjalan Maakuntamuseossa Joensuussa. Moottori on peraisin Liperista nostetusta Junkers Ju-88 A-4 (JK-254) pommikoneesta. - Junkers Jumo 211 J on display in Joensuu. Motor was found from the bottom of lake and is from the the Junkers Ju-88 A-4 bomber that crash landed during WWII.
Junkers Chronograph 6218-1 Werk: ETA Valjoux 7750, 25 Jewels Saphirglas galvanisches Strukturzifferblatt im Wellblechdesign handgearbeitetes Lederband verschraubter Glasboden Gehause aus Edelstahl, waterresistant 5atm

junkers chronograph
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