Game "Bulls and Cows Classic"

Dear visitors of a site, for acquaintance the game program "Bulls and Cows Classic " is given to you. 

Game "Bulls and Cows Classic" is a numerical variant of a logic desktop puzzle "Mastermind". Game two-sided. You play against a computer. The purpose of the game - to guess first four-digit number which was thought by the opponent.

Classical rules of the game:

Opponents think of four-digit numbers. You should better write it down. The number should not begin with zero. All figures of number should be different.You and a computer in turn give various variants of four-digit numbers as the soughtAs logic basis, for the next moves, the fixed coincidence serve. This coincidence is called as  "Bulls" and "Cows". "Bulls" are an amount of the coincided figures which stand in the same positions as at the thought number (with identical word length). "Cows" are an amount only coincided figures but which positions differ from positions of figures of the thought number (various word length). 

The program contains following useful addendums: calendar, a lunar horoscopes, units of measurement, measures of volume of foods.

Free the game version to download (the downloaded file compressed by 7-Zip file archiver, extension ".7z" simply removed).  

The screen permission should be not less than 800×600 pixel. 

Wish good luck!