Welcome to the Mexico School District's Instructional Technology page.  This is a resource for teachers to find tools and strategies to promote  21st Century learning  supporting the district's mission.


The mission of the Mexico Public Schools is to foster in each student:
  • a positive self-image,
  • critical and creative thinking skills,
  • responsible citizenship,
  • a dedicated work ethic, and
  • adaptability in a changing technological society
Each student will have at his or her command a specific grade level body of knowledge.

District NEE Indicators

1.1   Displays and communicates content knowledge and academic language.

1.2   Cognitively engaging students in their subject

4.1   Uses instructional strategies leading to student problem-solving and critical thinking

5.2   Manages time, space, transitions, and management

7.4   Monitors effect of instruction on individual and class learning

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