June , 2012 


The name of this Club shall be “Bull Creek Club”. 


The purpose of this Club shall be to protect and provide game and fish on Club Property for use of membership subject to Federal and State Regulations and other restrictions provided by said Club. 


Approximately eight thousand (8,000) acres along Neches River and Boxes Creek in Cherokee County. 


The Bull Creek Hunting Club’s annual meeting is at 7:00 o’clock, the 2nd Tuesday of June, at Sardis Baptist Church every year.  Dues must be received by the close of that meeting.  If membership dues are not received by that time it will result in loss of membership.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

It shall be the duty of the Secretary, on or before ten (10) days before said meetings, to send written notices to all members. 


Each member shall be furnished with a membership card which he shall be required to carry on his person when on Club premises.  When son/daughters turn 18 years of age, they must express their desire to become a member.  If so, they will be permitted automatic membership.  If they choose not to join at that time and wish to apply at a later date they must apply and be considered as any other seeking membership. 


Any member or child who turns 18 who enters the armed services can choose to drop his membership during his time served.  After being discharged he will be allowed to resume his membership.  During the time in the armed services he will be considered a non member. 


To become an honorary member you must be 65 years old by the June meeting and a member for 20 years.  Honorary memberships must be taken by the June meeting.  Honorary members wishing to become paying members again can.  They may do so once.  (member takes honorary membership – becomes paying member – takes honorary membership again – can not become paying member again).  Honorary members have all member priviledges with the exception of deer hunting.  Honorary members may not deer hunt.
A member who is 60 years old and has been a member of Bull Creek Hunting Club for 20 years may take an honorary membership for a fee of ½ the dues of the lease each year.  This membership has no hunting privileges. 
A second membership can be purchased if there is a vacancy and will be in lieu of adding a new member.  The cose of the 2nd membership will be dues plus $125.  To purchase a 2nd membership you must be at the meeting and have the money at that time.  If more people are interested in 2nd memberships than are avaiable, names will be put in a hat and tere will a drawing for the number of vacant memberships available.  If there are vacant memberships after members are given the opportunity, the board will decide if new members should be added.  No exceptions.
A free Bull Creek Club Membership will be given to the member killing the biggest buck.  Bucks will be scored using Boone & Crockett.  Any deer to be considered for the big buck contest must be measured by two board of directors.   If the top 2 bucks are close in  measurements, then we will get an outside source to do the final measurement for the Big Buck winner.   

A free membership will be given to the position of secretary/treasurer and president. 


A register of members shall be kept at all times by the Club Secretary and a certified list of such Regular members shall be furnished to Leaser.  The Board of directors shall approve each membership. 


The club shall be managed by the Board of Directors, which shall have the following rights, power and jurisdiction: 

    1. General management of said Club, including all of its business affairs.
    2. Enforcement of all By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.



The Club shall have a Board of Directors and a Secretary-Treasurer and a Chairman of the Board.  The Chairman of the Board shall be elected by the  members.  The Board of directors is to be the Executive Head and Manager of said Club.  At each meeting the membership will elect two (2) Board of Directors in the following manner.  The meeting will be opened for nominations for the two retiring Board of Directors.  Members being duly nominated and seconded will be voted on by members.  The two members with the largest number of votes along with the five presently serving board members to make up the new Board of Directors.  One vote per membership, either by member or spouse.  You must be present to vote. 

The Club Keeper shall be the Board of Directors. 


Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors. 


    1. Violating Federal and or State Game Laws.
    2. Violating these By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Club.
    3. For non-payment of dues.


In the event of subdivision C, if Member fails to pay when due, he shall be automatically suspended and shall have no rights and privileges in said Club, and the Keeper  is authorized to refuse him admittance to said Club property.  Dues must be paid by the end of the club’s annual meeting or member forfeits his membership in said club. 

It is expressly agreed and understood by all Members that in the event of expulsion, as provided herein, said Member forfeits all rights and privileges to said Club, and he shall have no claim of any kind or character against said Club or any Member, and any dues paid in advance, or assessments, or any sums paid for membership in said Club shall be forfeited to said Club, as liquidated damages. 
When a person gets off the lease for any reason, they will have 15 days to turn key in and get their property off said lease.  (stand, feeded etc....) 


      1. Subject to Federal and State Regulations and conditions contained in these By-Laws, all members and their families shall have hunting privileges on Club lease.
      2. Dogs may be used to hunt all game with the exception of deer.  Dogs on club land will be permissible anytime except deer season.
      3. All members and guests shall abide by Club Rules upon entering Club Property, whether hunting on described Club Property or not.
      4. Members shall be allowed to take guest hunting with the exception of deer hunting (there will be no deer hunting guest at any time).



All bucks must be seen by 2 board members.
All deer killed shall be weighed, the jawbone removed, and a record kept for study.  A central check-in place will be the Fastril Camp.  Jawbones shall be kept with others for future aging of the killed deer.  The only thing you should write on your jaw bone is the log book number.  Jaw bones must be left at weigh station within 2 weeks of kill.   Failure to do so will result in a $100 fine.  If deer is being mounted and taxidermist cannot remove jaw bone in the 2 week period, contact president for instructions.  Jaw bones must be clean.  There will be salt for jaw bones.   If member does not clean jaw bones, there will be a $50 charge for cleaning jawbone.   
Members are required to enter complete deer data at the weigh station for every deer killed immediately after kill.  Do not write the age of the deer.  Make sure to check for milk in does.  If there is white powder or liquid, check yes in logbook. 
Members who do not abide by these rules will be assessed a $100 fine for each offense due before end of regular Bull Creek Meeting.  Membership will not be renewed unless fine is paid.   
Deer Observation Forms must be turned in by the 2nd weekend of January with accurate information.  Please put member's name and member number on cards.  Fill in days hunted, all animals observed and totals.  Add days hunted even if you did not see a deer.   If you kill an animal please indicate that on the day you hunted.  Please indicate any turkey sightings.  DO NOT KILL TURKEY.    Mark  hunts am and pm hunts. 
Members who do not abide by these rules will be assessed a $100 fine for each offense due before end of regular Bull Creek Meeting.  Membership will not be renewed unless fine is paid.   


The number of buck deer that may be killed is limited to two (2) per membership (husband – wife – children) and one (1) cull buck.  If you are single you may kill one (1) buck and one (1) cull buck.  All bucks must be least 4 ½ years old.   A cull buck must be 4 1/2 years old and have 7 or less points.  If you kill a buck and it does not meet the cull requirements then that buck will count as your Membership buck for the year.  If a  buck is not old enough then there will be a $350 fine for killing a buck not of age.  This number of deer killed each year may be adjusted due to the requirements set by Wildlife Biologist each year.  To kill a doe or buck you must have a permit issued by the club.  A permit is required for bow hunting also.  There is a limit of 3 does per membership. 

Pictures must be taken of all bucks(with hunter) killed on Bull Creek.  Hunter must be in the picture.  A camera is located at the weigh station. 

There will be a $350 fine for anyone killing a buck  less than 4 1/2 years old.  Anyone caught sneeking a deer out of lease will result in loss of membership.

Permits are located at the weigh station.  Do not take permits before killing a deer.  When you kill a deer, go to the weigh station and sign for a permit.  You must go from kill to weight station immediately after kill.  Do not stop between those point.  Game Wardens will allow for this but if you stop for any reason you will be given a ticket.  Put permit number  on the data sheet next to deer information. 
Tracking Wounded Deer – Track wounded deer after 10:00 in morning.  Go to Fastril Camp and take Board of Director or other member with you.  In afternoon, go to Fastril Camp and take Board of Director or other member with you.  Try not to mess up hunting for anyone else. 

Youth Hunting – Youths will have to be 8 years of age or older and accompanied by an adult who is in good standing with Bull Creek Club will be able to hunt deer on Bull Creek Club. 

If you see any unusual animal on thislease please report this to a board member, donot shoot it.

Each member may have only two (2) stands.  Both stands have to be tagged.  No one is permitted to hunt other members currently numbered tagged stand without first obtaining permission from the owner.  No untagged stands are allowed.  No stand is allowed within 300 yards of a currently numbered tagged stand.  Member’s stands shall be from number of (1) and up.  Deer stand tags furnished by the club must be attached to a member’s stand no later than August 1st of each year.  If using ground blind, lock on stand, climbing stand etc.  mark area with PVC pipe or Flagging to identify location.   Tag must be easy to find.   

Stands must have signs on road with number, distance to stand, direction of stand and hunting year (2012-2013).  Do not nail signs to pine trees. 

If any member sees an old sign, please remove it. 


Members and their families, as defined under the section on “Hunting” shall be permitted to fish and picnic.  Members shall be allowed to take guest fishing and picnicking. 

Members children may camp, fish and picnic without a member being present, but without guest privileges.  Members are responsible for the actions of their children and guest. 

Member shall be permitted to take as many guests as they desire fishing or picnicking under the following regulations:

      1. Guest shall always be accompanied by a club Member, whether hunting or fishing, and Members must always remain upon the premises as long as their guest is there.
      2. No member shall invite any person as a guest when said person has been found undesirable and such information conveyed to the member inviting him.



Leased as a non-profit family type Club, dues shall be adjusted from year to year to meet expenses.



A grievance committee will consist of 4 to 7 board members.  Members may submit a written grievance to be reviewed by the grievance committee.  Board of Directors will hear all grievances and determine if grievance is legitimate and decide on suitable retribution. 


No pine timber is to be harmed and by no means shall deer stand be built in pine trees.  No signs shall be nailed to pine trees. 

NO GAMBLING OR DRUNKENNESS will be allowed on club property. 

The officers and or members of Bull Creek Club are not responsible for any accidents on club properties. 

No permanent camps may be built.  Camp only at designated areas during hunting season. 

No hunting from motor vehicles inside club boundary and no EXCESSIVE DRIVING ON CLUB PROPERTY DURING DEER SEASON. 

Campers may be left on lease from September 1st thru March 1st.  Campbell Group charges a $100 fee if left longer.  Fee must be paid with dues at June meeting. 


No hog hunting guest during deer season.   


All gates must be closed as you come and go.  Members caught leaving gate open by any member will be assessed a $100 fine.   A signed written accusation must be given to a board member stating when, where and who left gate open.   

Failure to abide by any Campbell Group Regulation, Bull Creek By-Laws, or rule established by Board of Directors will result in a least a two week suspension for 1st offense.  2nd offense will result in loss of membership.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!