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The Valley Bulldog is derived from the Boxer and the English Bulldog. As a result of this combination, this dog possesses a large head, wide chest, facial wrinkles and loose skin, while keeping a stocky, very muscular, athletic body. The wide upper body displays good muscle tone, narrowing slightly towards the back end, although the buttocks and hips still show strong muscle definition. The head is blocky with muzzle length ranging from 1 - 2 inches. Lower jaw should be undershot. Facial wrinkles should be obvious from forehead to the nose, and loose skin should be found under the chin; these qualities should remain throughout adulthood. Excess skin wrinkles on the body as puppies normally extend to a tight, healthy body covering. While a proud stance is given with the wide chest, legs should not be bowed, but firm and straight. This is a healthy, athletic, low-maintenance bulldog with the look that few can resist. The breed is rapidly gaining popularity and recognition.
Valley Bulldogs adapt well in any environment. They are easily house trained and make excellent house pets. With proper shelter they are fine in hot/humid weather. With adequately-heated shelter they do well in cold climates. These dogs prefer running & playing outside, regardless of temperature.

The origin of the Valley Bulldog can be traced back as early as the 1950's in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. However, it is uncertain whether or not the breed existed in the area even earlier. The Valley Bulldog derives from the English Bulldog and the Boxer.

Height:Males: 15 - 22 inches, Females: 14 - 20 inches

Weight:Males: 50 - 80 lbs, Females: 40 - 65 lbs

Any color. Common: Fawn, brindle, solid white, white w/fawn or brindle