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PURPOSE:  Guardian, protector, and family companion.

OVERALL IMPRESSION:  Square, powerfully built, yet agile and athletic for size and alert. Should give impression of nobility. (Thereby - "Blue Blood")

HEAD:  Large, flat across top, square, heavily muscled in males.

MUZZLE:  Square with heavily muscled jaws. Up to 40% of total length of head.

NOSE:  Black to liver. 50% or more light pigment unacceptable.

EARS:  Medium in size, half perked or rose. Cropping "not" permissible.

EYES:  Set well apart and prominent. Any color permissible. "Glass" or "marble" eye preferred.

NECK:  Thick, of medium length.

SHOULDERS:  Of short length, heavily muscled and well tied in. Should give impression of power.

CHEST:  Wide and deep with well sprung ribcage.

BACK:  Straight, not rigid or swayed. Length equal to height at shoulders, with 1" variation.

TAIL:  Optimum length, should reach hock. Final 1/3 to have gradual upward curvature. Docking "not" permissible.

FORELEGS:  Straight and extremely thick-boned. Balanced forward toes. Feet well knuckled up with thick pads. (Dewclaws not removed.)

REAR:  Hips narrower than shoulders. Well muscular and in proportion to forequarters.

COLOR:  Merle and white preferred. Any color and white acceptable although solid white undesirable.

COAT:  Short to medium length and fairly stiff to the touch with soft undercoat.

SIZE:  Males 22-25 inches at the withers and 70-100 lbs. Females 20-23" and 50-70 lbs. 1" variation in height is allowed. 5-10 lbs. variation is allowed.

** NOTE:

This information has been contributed by, and is property of Lana Lou Lane, Circle L Kennels, and is gratefully used here with permission.