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This site is for anyone who has ever owned or still does own a bully breed. I cannot say enough great stuff about these dogs. They are LOYAL, COURAGEOUS, TEMPERMENTAL... The list goes on and on.. I made this site because I have 2 dogs at home. One is a Boxer and the other is a Boston Terrier. They are the greatest dogs I have ever owned and would never get anything but another bully again.. I have had a lot of e-mails about people wanting to train their dog better or they want to know why their pit is chewing up anything he can get his paw on so I figured I would make site that gave in-depth information on training and specific needs for each dog. You'd be surprised how many people think "Ah, its only a dog, it can't be that hard" then 6 months later the dog is sitting in the pound. People don't take the time to research these dogs and learn how to deal with the needs of these dogs. Hopefully this page will give you a little more insight into the bully breed.