Professional Home Repair

professional home repair
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    home repair
  • Home repair involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home, and is related to home maintenance to avoid such problems.
  • Home Repair is American poet and novelist Liz Rosenberg's first novel for adults. It is about a middle-aged woman, Eve, and how she deals with being divorced, raising a family, dating, and caring for her elderly mother.
  • This refers to fixing problems with existing homes. Frequently we've come across complaints from some of our comptetitors that maybe used lower quality materials, or rushed a job, without taking care in their craftsmanship.
professional home repair - DEWALT Residential
DEWALT Residential Remodeling and Repair Professional Reference (Dewalt Trade Reference)
DEWALT Residential Remodeling and Repair Professional Reference (Dewalt Trade Reference)
The DEWALT Residential Remodeling & Repair Professional Reference contains the essential facts and figures for almost every aspect of residential construction and residential remodeling available. In it you will find valuable information on door framing and finishing, paint and caulking applications, walls and finishing, roofing and siding, telephone and cable TV wiring, fastener weights and strengths, rope strength, saw blades, and much, much more. Supportive wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, and concrete and masonry diagrams provide the added clarity readers need to succeed both at home and on the job.

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Hot Times in Home Repair
Hot Times in Home Repair
No we did NOT create that lovely purple crisscross effect. It was there when we bought the house. We were in the process of removing it to paint Ian's office brown. Taken by Ian.
Repairing Stairs
Repairing Stairs
Volunteers and professional carpenter work to rebuild broken down stairs on side of NE house

professional home repair
professional home repair
Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement
Creative Homeowner's Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement is the largest, most comprehensive home-improvement book on the market-608 pages packed with over 3,300 photos and illustrations. This clearly written, sensible how-to book covers the home top to bottom, inside and out. The reader will find out about common repairs step-by-step, including wiring and electricity, plumbing, floors and stairs, walls and ceilings, basements and attics, improvements top to bottom, yards and gardens, decks and porches, exterior structures, masonry, framing and carpentry, roofing and siding, and much more. There is information about tools, materials, and basic skills, and over 300 step-by-step projects with full-color how-to photo sequences. The book also includes full-color illustrations that peel away the mysteries of remodeling and repair work, as well as informative charts and maps. In addition, there is a comprehensive index, a glossary of terms, and a 12-page, chapter-by-chapter resource guide, offering consumer information on products and services shown in the books.