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Leather Seat Repair For Cars

leather seat repair for cars
    leather seat
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This evening, I 'acquired' an Ilford Sportsmaster style 3 (c. 1960). I brought it home and, to my dismay.. it had the dreaded sticky shutter mechanism. So, I'm sat here, at 2300 hours, stripping the old girl down and soaking all mechanical parts in Nitro fuel from my RC car. It's a lovely looking camera, I have taken the opportunity to clean the lenses and glass inside and out, given all the metals a good scrub and hopefully, restored it to somewhere near as well as it should be. It is in blisteringly good nick for it's age. The Ilford branded leather case has done it's job well. If the shutter mech is still performing tomorrow, I'll screw her all back together, load it up with a film and get shooting :)
Leather Seat - Challenge
Leather Seat - Challenge
This bike will be my next project.. to replace the leather seat which is on the bike today as you see it. This will be a challenge, since the bike is a soft tail and the back of the seat is leaning against the back fender which is attached to the "tail" so the back of the seat have to follow the back fender on bumpy roads.. and I don?t like the gaps between fender and seat.. I?m not sure if this was explained very well in English, but..

leather seat repair for cars