Michelle graduated!

(again, 10 years later -- May 1st, 2008) 

 (click on a picture to see it larger)

Michelle just after putting on her graduation gown.
Michelle is very happy she's done with school. 
Michelle is very hot in her cheap polyster gown. 
(she looks hot in the dress under it too)
Michelle is embarassed by the stories they tell about her. 
The teachers are going to miss her.

She is officially graduated now.

Gathering for a group pic.
Michelle and Jamie -- the 2 students over 24 yrs old.

A bunch of posers

Michelle close up -- I tried to get her to stick her tongue out, but she wouldn't.

Michelle throwing her hat off.

That dress I mentioned before. (Michelle: a few kilos have gone since this photo.  Kem: but she still looks sweet)