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Ruby is very cool (mostly to programmers)

 ruby is a very cool programming language, mostly interesting to programmers, but the tutorial is simple enough that I think anyone could possibly see the coolness (maybe some new programmers will get created) --  try it out here

Pledgie has links to cool sites

pledgie -- this is a site set up to help people raise money for whatever cause they feel is worthy (could be a website looking for donations) -- it has some tools to help.  The main reason it's included here (although it is moderately cool itself) is because it has links to many other sites, quite a few of them interesting in and of themselves (I found some cool ruby sites via this) -- so it's more of a "meta cool link" than a cool link itself ;)

Improv Everywhere is fun to watch (maybe do some local participation)

Improv Everywhere - a group based in New York that does some cool improv
art sorts of things. Here's another fun Improv Everywhere piece