We went to France for our honeymoon -- most of our time was spent in Paris

 (we stayed with the Jera's -- it was very cool to see Ivy -- we won't mention the other 2)

we also went to the Provence region in the south of france near the beginning for a cooking class with Tessa Talha -- her website is at:


It was great fun, we had lots of excellent food and learned how to make lots of great dishes (we have practiced quite a few after having come back, and have done a pretty fair job of reproducing them, although never quite the same :)

details on our cooking class with pics

 Michelle with some funky cars at one of the museums we went to in London at the Science Museum

We went to London as well, this is us at dinner with Michelle's friend Ang, & a friend of hers (couple other people were here also, and we also saw Tom & Andrea while in London, and hung out with George Michael while we were in England also)

 They have really big doors at the Louvre (to fit the 20 foot tall paintings I suspect)

We took a Segue tour around Paris it was lots of fun - Michelle was so comfortable she drove around with her eyes shut.

This is near the end of the tour

Brock in the middle of a jekyll/hyde transformation (ok so he got Bell's palsy while we were there, but he's all good now)

Michelle & I before we went out for a nice dinner.


Us at Monet's gardens -- northwest of paris an hour or so by train -- they were very beautiful

Michelle with our tour guide at the gardens

on one of the bridges that is in many of his pictures (right by the water lilys that are so famous as well)

 another typical scene from the garden -- it was pretty amazing

Ivy was just learning to walk while we were there, she was very cute

on our way out, the toilets in the Paris airport are very friendly to misophobes

the clouds at the Jersey airport were pretty cool looking


Dinner on the patio of the Jera's place -- not the greatest pic -- we did a lot of fun stuff with the Jeras that I neglected to take pictures of :( -- but we had a great time hanging out with them, going to dinner with them, shopping, and just generally making fun of them is always great sport.   They're 3 of the coolest people in the world, and it was nice to be able to spend some time with them on our honeymoon as well.