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Optical Illusions and Mental weirdness

Michelle graduated!

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The Jera's had a baby!

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My sister K-onna's page

This is where we live (see the little brown spot in the middle, just left of the Q in Queen's Drive -- this picture was taken while they were preparing the site to build our house) -- You can zoom out and scroll around to get an idea of the area -- Wellington is just north of us. is a site I'm developing

minimal Ubuntu gutsy install from scratch -- for ruby on rails / mysql / mongrel / subversion

cygwin / xfree86 on windows

Word of the day:

Apophenia -- first remembered reading this word in Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

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Schematics for an alarm clock I'm attempting to build -- if you have any suggestions on what should go in the missing spot, please email me --


weird usps problem

updating to snow leopard

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