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About Bujinkan

The Bujinkan ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bujinkan ) is an international martial arts organization founded by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.  He received the grandmastership of 9 martail arts from his teacher.      His teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toshitsugu_Takamatsu ) was the last active ninja and was purported to have had many fights to the death in challenge matches as well as killing many others during his time spent as a bodygaurd for the last emperor of China.  Here is a list of the 9 ryu-ha ( schools ) taught in the Bujinkan.

                  Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

Authentic Ninjutsu

The Bujinkan incorporates nine separate schools (ryu –ha) of martial arts.

The 9 schools of the Bujinkan

Many schools of martial arts form when a student “breaks away” from their master’s school and creates a new name for their own school.   Bujinkan represents the consolidation of nine separate lineages of martial arts tradition, still in their effective form since the days they were conceived on the battlefield. There are over 2,200 techniques in the Bujinkan system so even after decades of training one may still sees new techniques and new henka (variations) of the old ones. 

Taijutsu – body skills or the science of body movement, footwork and grappling skills, moving gracefully and in balance.

Kosshijutsu – the skill of attacking nerve points or pressure points and joints.   It involves striking with more than just fists and feet.

Bikenjutsu  sword work and all the skills essential for effective swordsmanship.

Koppōjutsu – this means attack against bones with the intention of breaking them.  This style obviously involves strikes and concepts of leverage against bone and joint targets.

Ninpo – Perhaps the most famous of the ryu-ha, this is the ancient martial art of the ninja involving “kyojutsu” or the art of deception. 

Dakentaijutsu – The science of striking and blocking using footwork  and  strategic movement.  It is here we find the concepts to work with to apply Kosshijutsu and Koppōjutsu.

Jūtaijutsu – An ancient form of jujutsu with joint locks, grappling techniques, throws and immobilization methods.

About the Instructor

Steve Joyce began training in 1993 with Ed Lomax.    He moved to Cairns in 1997 and taught for 4 months before moving to Japan that same year,  spending over 10 years in Japan training with Soke Hatsumi Massaki and Shihan Nagato. He returned to Australia in 2008 and trained with Ed in Adelaide again before deciding to move back up to Cairns in 2009.  Holding a 9th degree black belt he aims to continue practicing what he has learnt through teaching.
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