Built in counter depth refrigerator - 6.0 cu ft compact refrigerator - National refrigeration inc.

Built In Counter Depth Refrigerator

built in counter depth refrigerator
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built in counter depth refrigerator - Fiskars 6220
Fiskars 6220 Sit And Store Garden Caddy With Built-In Seat
Fiskars 6220 Sit And Store Garden Caddy With Built-In Seat
6 gallon or 30 pound capacity. The multi-purpose cushion provides a soft seat and detaches for use as a kneeler. Pull cord for easy transport. Tool bin with drink caddy stores inside the caddy. Built in dock can hold a 5 gallon bucket.

The Fiskars 6220 Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy with Built-In Seat is designed to transport everything you need for gardening and yard work. It features a 6-gallon internal storage area and a built-in dock to support a 5-gallon bucket (not included), and it also includes a ride-along tool bin that attaches to the cart, making tools and drinks more accessible as you work.
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Garden Caddy
At a Glance:
Storage caddy transforms into a padded, rolling seat
Unique built-in dock for 5-gallon bucket
Pull cord allows for easy travel throughout the yard and garden
Tool bin with drink holder attaches to the inside and outside of the cart
Backed by 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty

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Fiskars 6220 Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy with Built-In Seat
A tool bin and drink holder attaches to the outside of the cart. View larger.
Fiskars 6220 Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy with Built-In Seat
The internal storage space holds hand tools, seeds, gloves, and other small items.
Conveniently Store and Transport Tools and Materials
The Fiskars Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy is designed for comfort and accessibility, whether you're a master gardener or weekend warrior. The versatile cart includes a 6-gallon, 30-pound internal storage space that can hold hand tools, seeds, gloves, and other small items. A built-in dock can accommodate a 5-gallon bucket (not included), allowing you to adapt the cart to the task at hand, whether it's collecting weeds, harvesting vegetables, or holding tools. In addition, a ride-along tool bin with drink holder attaches to the outside of the cart for accessibility, or it stores neatly inside the storage compartment when not in use.
Versatile, Multipurpose Platform
The Fiskars Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy is a wonderful platform for weeding, planting, and harvesting. With a cushioned lid, the Caddy functions as a sturdy and comfortable rolling seat for work along garden edges. For further versatility, the cushion detaches for use as a kneeler. This helps prevent knee, hip, and ankle injuries while you're planting, weeding, or harvesting.
The sturdy platform and convenient pull strap make the Caddy perfect for basic transport of mulch bags, fertilizer, flat seedling trays, and more. Additionally, the 5-gallon bucket dock provides a uniquely segregated location for collecting and transporting pulled weeds, plant clippings, and other yard or garden waste.
Modern Appearance
The Fiskars Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy was designed with gardeners in mind. The unique design and styling makes the caddy something any gardener would be proud to have in the yard or garden. Additionally, the design conveys outstanding performance, quality, and durability.
About Fiskars
Fiskars is a leading brand that provides functional, user-friendly, and lasting design solutions for hand tools and beyond. Fiskars products get the job done in an effortless and intuitive way.
Established in 1649, Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland. The company's roots are in the Fiskars village, an idyllic center of art and design, where modern aesthetics meet old crafting traditions. The company has worked with tools, cutting, and steel forging ever since it first started operating 360 years ago.
Fiskars launched the world's first plastic-handled scissors in 1967. Since then, more than 1 billion orange scissors have been sold worldwide, and their iconic status has resulted in the Fiskars orange being synonymous with scissors across the world.
Today, Fiskars is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. The group has a strong portfolio of trusted international brands, including Fiskars, Iittala, Gerber, Silva, and Buster. Wartsila Corporation is also an important part of the group, and it forms one of Fiskars' operating segments. In 2008 Fiskars recorded net sales of EUR 697 million, and it employs some 3,800 people.
What's in the Box
Fiskars 6220 Sit-and-Store Garden Caddy with Built-In Seat.

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Faulk & Gauntt Building in Athens Texas - C1896
Faulk & Gauntt Building in Athens Texas - C1896
This is a Texas Historical Building in downtown Athen Texas Marker Number: 10352 Marker Text: An earlier building at this location housed the law offices of Senator J. J. Faulk and Judge W. L. Faulk. In the early 1890s the site was purchased by J. R. Gauntt, a local businessman. The son of pioneer area settlers, he operated a mercantile store, the Chany Tree, with his brother R. L. Gauntt, and later ran a monument business. In 1896 he commissioned the Hawn Lumber Company to build this two-story brick commercial structure near the rail lines, a primary business location in the early days of Athens. The upstairs area was first occupied by attorneys W. L. and J. J. Faulk. A native of Alabama, William Levin Faulk served as Henderson County judge, district clerk, and director of the Guaranty State Bank of Athens. His cousin James J. Faulk, born in Louisiana, served as county attorney, state representative, district attorney, state senator, special justice of the Texas Court of Civil Appeals, and the first mayor of the City of Athens. The downstairs area first housed the grocery store of Tom Barber. Other tenants in the Faulk-Gauntt Building have included dentists Dr. Dudley Payne and Dr. Thomas Matthews. The structure was later owned by descendants of W. L. Faulk. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1981. All this in a town known as "The Black-Eyed Pea Capitol of the World"!
The Refrigerator
The Refrigerator
We finally got our G.E. Monogram counter-depth built-in refrigerator installed into the Condo as well, once again our renters are enjoying it since we are in Hong Kong. It is nice to know they appear to be taking care of the place.

built in counter depth refrigerator