Your own Vacuum Molder

Not often you will see a Pro Movie Prop Maker handing out tips such as these, nay, complete How-Tos!

And it's a Site full of tips, so yo can have some cool quality time seeing how's it made...

Or getting yourself trained on how to improve your Prototype's looks!

Let's face it, we Inventors are too often quite satisfied to see the machines in action, and don't give a toss about the Frankenstein looks of some or the Prototypes we make! 

But it's a Vacuum Molder this page is about, so here's  the deal:

See the
Supplies Table?

the stuff you will need to build one!

I'll start at the end, to tell you they got all covered, INCLUDING the Supplies you'll need, now why don't I do that too?

You will see the step-by-step pictures, with the explanation, just like an Instructable, the images grow if you'll click them, and soon enough, you got yourself a Home Made Vacuum Molder, and that's no small feat!

Some may ask, why they'll ever need one?

Well, from 2-piece airtight plastic covers for your machines, to tool casings for tool and parts on your Rocket launching road trips,  to button consoles for your home made Hardware, to Engineering Project Mock-ups, everything conceivable, and some things not, can be made this way.

Just see these future pieces fresh out of  the machine, still in their molds, if that don't fire up your imagination, you're watching the wrong Site! 

And I've just noticed, you can buy the paper book version of this Mold How-to, there, so you can take it to the workshop, while supporting the TK560 Site by doing so!

Go to the Site and search for the LULU icon there:

...Now, there's even an Instructable:


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