Wind power, Generators, Theoreticals & Stuff!

Wind Power, Generators, Theoreticals, & Stuff

So I went and found a couple of Web pages I've been wanting to find a long time ago, now's the time to turn those into another E-Learning article.

Just to be original on something in this article, I'll add my two cent's worth of wisdom, let's call it that...

One's this link to a complete remote location facilities how-to, that tell you how to build the Chispito wind generator,

You gotta love this How-to, to build the Generator's rotors out of PVC tubes, now that's what I'm always talking about:

To build what you need with stuff that won't cost you a fortune in money AND time, and if you won't have the time, you can buy a kit, and assemble it like some Meccano project.

Of course, you go there not only for that, but also for a complete How-to on a vertical axis Turbine, and most of all...

How to build your own Generator, out of Magnets, Copper wire Coils, and stuff, and lots other Theoretical help, that will make you understand Electricity better, since it concerns USEFULL stuff!

....And here's my 2 Cent's worth, why not use the Rare Earth, really strong Magnets you can find on trashed Hard Disks, one here from a regular-sized HD, notice the size, just get a batch of identical Hard Disks, and you've get a juicy generator, that way.