Chapter 6:


The Poor Man's Lathe, Fonly version

With an extra...

As you may have seen on the Fonly Lathe, some kind of tool post helps a lot when improvising a Lathe , so why not take that into account with the Poor man's lathe?

And you don't have to be poor to resort to this, your Lathe might be out of business, or you cannot justify yourself buying a Lathe just for than ONE job;

So I imagined this, you've got a Workbench, and on top of it, a Medium sized bolt-in-place Vice, that's one of those with holes on, that are bolted to the work surface;

Must be simple to fix a smooth, thick steel plate on the Workbench;

Put a smaller bolt -in-place Vice on top of a hard wood piece, that sets the smaller vice on about the same height as the piece being turned by the Hand drill´s Chuck.

Squeeze on the smaller vice a piece of hard metal, maybe a broken metal file, and there you go, a Poor Man's Lathe that will do some amazing work-If you just hold the improvised Tool Post steady as you work the piece.

The wood block will slide on the metal plate, like any Chess piece on a tabletop.

This way, a much more precise work can be done, as the Tool Post that holds the Tool, that's the piece of metal that works the thing you're working on, keeps the Tool from wobbling up, down, and sideways.

But that's not all;

Put a metal pointer piece on the Tool Post's bottom, see it at the wood block's front?

If it is vertically aligned with the Tool's tip, you can vertically align a template, here in yellow, firmly placed on the metal plate, aligned to the Hand drill's axis and the piece of metal it's holding;

What do you get?

A template "pantograph" of sorts, for you to machine lots of identical pieces, now.

Ain't life grand?