Chapter 5:

The Hand Riveter, and a Hand drill

You're too old for Legos (yeah, right!), Meccano is not for permanent jobs, what can you do?

Just get yourself some Aluminum or Steel sidings, mark the spots, puncture the points with a hammer and tapper, and with a Dremmel or hand drill you drill a pair of holes on two pieces of siding one on top of the other, right?

Illustration 22 See the 4 rivets sticking out of the 'puter's face? By the way that's my OTHER computer, yes, also junk!

Then get your Hand Riveter, and rivet the pieces together.

Want a good example of that you can achieve with that?Just look at the structure of any PC, the stuff under the fancy box covering it all, what do you see?


Illustration 23 This is a Riveter, right?

Now if those guys resort to riveting, and Airplane and Automobile manufacturers do the same, why not you?

It's just the riveter that's different, but only in as much as their riveters have to rivet 24/7, and so they have industrial ones, but who cares?

Your is just a one-time job, or some jobs, so the hand riveter's fine.

Illustration 24 Riveter and rivet

And if you can assemble office furniture with those metal sidings with holes, you sure can assemble your Gizmo's Chassis, and if it's riveted...

It won't loose those darn screws with ware or vibration!

And if you need to learn how to rivet...

Just see the pictures.

You may ask yourself, "How can you take a rivet away, if I need to, then?"

Illustration 25 Just stick it in...

Best way is to drill trough the rivet's core, that way it's easy to take the rivet's remains away, and you won't destroy the pieces or hurt a few fingers and thus set a new house record for swear words!

Will you sometimes hurt your fingers anyway, building Prototypes?


Not if they're made ONLY of Styrofoam and Tissue Paper, 'cos people can and will cut their fingers on new or freshly cut ordinary Paper, remember?

Illustration 26 Hold them together, squeeze the lever, CLICK! It's done!