Chapter 4:

The Fonly Lathe

"If only I had a lathe"

You may have noticed I did not wrote "how to build a Fonly lathe";
To build one, go to the last Chapter, and click on the related link.

If your PC is now linked to the Web, you should be able to go there.

So why this Chapter?

It's here, for you to see how to make a Gizmo, how to make it work.

Illustration 19 Photo by Peter Clark, courtesy of the 2mm Scale Association

Once upon a time, another Genius, and a good fellow to boot, see the Fonly Link, was presented the challenge of making a small Lathe for Scale Model Buliding, with the things accessible to people that kept saying "If only I had a lathe";

Well, working on a Expo, within 2 days, he went and did it!

See, that's why I like these model making folks so much, in a world filled with "I cannot do it, and so can't you" people!

Here's how I think he done it:

First, he heard that moan, "If only I had a lathe", and saw it as a problem to be solved.

So, he dismounted in his mind the Lathe, what's any lathe?

A machine that turns a piece of metal, or anything workable, with a tool that works that spinning metal piece, and that tool has to be steady. So it's not a poor man's lathe, as that one is worked holding a metal file by hand.

And then he thought, to whom is this lathe for? For train model makers, that need small pieces of metal to be turned. So the thing is small, too. They do not own a lathe, but what do most of them own?

A Minicraft, Dremmel, whatever, so that's the motivator to be used.

So, he made that little marvel, a horizontally held Minicraft that turns pieces of metal using that Minicraft Hand-drill-like chuck, on front of a flat surface, where a tool post holds a piece of hard metal, sliding on top of the flat surface like any Chess piece on a flat Checkerboard, it can be steady enough for the work at hand without having lots of pieces.

Some other goodies contrived the same way... PRESTO!

Problem solved.

Illustration 20 From the same site, note what you can do...

"The lathe is an accurate machine, capable of precision work to better than 0.05mm (0.1mm on diameter). This is sufficient for most 2mm Scale models (and N scale). It is also suitable for small components in HO/OO scales."

(Text taken from: Fonly Lathe (Part 1, page2).htm)

It comes complete with a Tailstock Drill, and a lot of other accessories, in a free access Webpage, along with the instructions, just follow them and you'll get there!
Illustration 21 This picture's made in Moho, not a free program, but lots of fun!

This picture at the side is, of course a not so "simple" and elegantly brilliant project;> I even added a Chuck, and used a Desktop Fan's motor, and its oscillating mechanism, oscillating lever removed, to move the Tool Post! Will it work? 

Who knows! Only if the toolpost sits on a rail, and there is more work to be done; 

But it's here just to show you that an idea can be taken into new directions, using new parts, always, in it's essence, Just Another Freakin' Gizmo! 

...And there's a link, again, (finally!)

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