Chapter 8:

The Blob, Part I, Wonder Plastic

There's a lot of exiting new stuff being made, so keep yourself updated.

For example, MUTR, see the Links section, offers the Polimorph new Nylon plastic, that you can put on boiling water, then when you take it out, (after a while, to cool off to hot but not scalding) , you work on it as Plasticine...

Just to behave like regular plastic when it cools off!

Illustration 27 Doesn't look like much, but looks can be deceiving! On MUTR's site.

Now to make a bolted sidings frame's structure solid, so it won't loose screws and fall apart due to wear or vibration, you'd have to resort to an Aluminum Dip, complicated business, although I'll explain it next;

Illustration 28 Imagine a 3 axis, cornered sidings structure..

Now, the same principle, just with far lower temperatures and danger, without molds or anything, just use your hands, cover the bolted spots with it, they will never fall off!

I will even use about the same pictures, no need for any newfangled stuff!

So keep updating, there's no telling WHAT will come out next!

Illustration 29 Place the plastic, you can even see the pieces still sticking out!