The tangencial fan cooler project

A Summer Quickie:

The Tangential Fan cooler project             

Hot like hell, and the PC's going funny on you!
What can you do?

Just do the summer quickie, a no-brainer of a cooling project.

Get yourself a small Tangential Fan, and connect it to the never-used Monitor outlet, on the back of your PC.
Buy or recover one of these, cut it about the middle, and use a connector to wire it to the Tangential Fan.

Open the side panel, or cut the PC's case, 4 hand drill holes and a metal cutting Scissor.

The rectangular air outlet is cut, 4 small holes are drilled , and the Fan is
either in, and the thing sucks the air next to the PC's CPU, or out, and the air is blown into the PC.

Beware of your wee little fingers, if the fan is left out, and don't let any loose wires if the thing's in.

As you turn the PC on, the fan will work, and you'll never have a care 'bout it, so get your Riveter, your Hand Drill, a few Dollars, and Voilá, instant Custom Cooling for the impatient!

You can even skip cutting and drilling, and just remove the side plate, put the Fan, riveted to a Hard disk's mighty Magnet, the magnet sticks to the PC's metal casing, and put the side plate partially on again!

Here you see the Monitor power connection, use the power out from the PC, and the wire connector we only use 3 connections from.
The Diskette is there for you to calculate the thingy's sizes.
You can see here the cable already cut, 3 wires on the inside, remove the insulation at the wires' tips. Then, you use the connector to connect the wires, always the same colors, i.e. green-green, blue-blue, brown-brown.
Notice the Fan power cable connected to one side of the cable, so the said cable is still usable, if you need it! 

Take a closer look, the wires are entwined and you screw the 2 green, 2 blue and 2 brown tight, the 3 cable's wires, and the ones coming from the Fan, the other 3 are from the other side of the cut cable.

No need to dwell on the PC cover plate removal and how and where to plant the fan.

But anyway, here's me wee little fan (yeah, right!) secured by a plastic cable holder on the top, and a HD magnet riveted to the left side, clanging, for that's the sound the rare metal magnet makes, to the PC's chassis.

There's fans about halve this one's height, if you're wondering.

And just have a care to assemble and fix the thing with the power off, or the cute little fan will gnaw at your fingers like a mad Dobberman!

...And if you buy a 12 Volt fan instead of a mains powered fan, you'll just have to get a yellow wire(+12V) and a black wire(0V) output from any of the remaining HD power plugs inside the PC, and the fan will go on and off as the PC does!