The Robots



What kind of Gizmo Site is one without ROBOTS?

Don't answer, I only remembered to make a separate Chapter now!

First,  my humble hommage to most Politicians, the BugBrain Robot Kit, fully programmable, for your pet idea, if it involves creeping around, and performing insect-like tasks.

From the same house, somewhat more interesting, the ServoCenter, I quote from the page;

"Each ServoCenter module allows simple, logical control of the seek position and seek speed of up to sixteen connected servos independently and simultaneously, and up to 16 (32 for MIDI version) ServoCenters may be chained together to control up to 256 RC servos (512 for MIDI version), with completely independent movement, from only one serial, USB, or MIDI port. This independent control scheme allows one servo to move to a position slowly, while another is moving to a different position at a faster speed."

So, either if you want a very complex set of Shop Window Dwarves for Chrismas, a complex Robot, or Fabber, or a Garage Micro-Factory, go for this gadget.

The best builder shop EVER!

Want a One-Stop Shop for your Robot/Whatever building?

Wanna? Huh? Well, now you have this:

These HobbyEngeneering guys do MEAN BUSINESS! 

On the robot Kit department, you've got more Kits than you can shake a screwdriver at, but suppose you want to cast plastic one-off pieces, they've got Alumilite, and for Electronics and Controll, they got a lot, too!

Robot Kits Alumilite Electronics & Controll

All building systems, Lego, Fischertechnic, Erector, some I'd never heard about, like Bridge Street Toys, Hidrodinamic building sets, and if that don't make you happy, there's Books about all that, and Radio Controll, too!

So click the link above, and become a happy Gizmo maker!

It's late, and I'm tired, but I don't care! I HAD to plug this last one into the page-A pager motor, and you can see how small it is, by the M&M next to it!

I'd missed a lot if I didn't just Googled "Robot", just look at this Site, that boasts THIS:

It's a Battlefield extraction assist robot!

Fancy that, it takes the wounded away from Battlefields! Could it be used for Firemen assistance, also? 

Fire fighting guys, better stay tuned to this one!

Below you can see it scooping away a Dummy, maybe tomorow it will scoop YOU off a tight spot! 

Back to the Robot Kits, a lot of 'em, here's SpiderIII, from sciencekits.coma site to wach for Science Kits, becasue these are cool places to buy lots of stuff for Prototypes!!!

Lego Mindstorms, of course, can be a good choice for the Robot you want, since the programming language is Open Source:

Terk and Qwerk- build you own robot.

TeRK, a new Carnegie Mellon inniciative, gives you a lot of ROBOT RECIPES, made from off-the-shelf parts (my favourite recipes!).
Using Qwerk, that box on the right, apparently a Gameboy Advance turned into a microcontroller, running a special type of Linux, from Charmed Labs, these Robots can be built by anyone, for many uses, so don't go robotizing your Granpa's wheelchair without having a look at this!

Here's the Carnegie's link, BTW:

Finally, go to the Store, the Robot Store. for Robots and parts: