The Multimachine How-to Site, go there!

The  Multimachine  How-to Site, go there!              

These guys, Chris and others, are a very worthy  group of people at Not asking anything for their effort, they want to give needy people a way to retrieve their dignity, by making their own machine tools!

My hat's off to these guys, and without further ado, let me show you the Multimachine:

May look too much for non-specialized folk, but it is easily built by anyone, and only as precise as the commitment of the individuals concerned.

It works as a machine tool AND even as a Generator!
And it is built... with an automobile's engine block and other Junkyard stuff!

Quoting Keith, from

Wow! I’d have to call that taking creativity, common sense, and thriftiness to the outer limits.

And now, by the Author's own words:


The MultiMachine is a multi purpose machine tool* that a semi-skilled mechanic with just regular hand tools can build using scrap car and truck parts. Electric power is not needed.

In Developing Countries, the MultiMachine has the potential for saving or improving the lives of many thousands of people. These machines can be used in many ways:

In the health sector by its use in building water pumps, filters, water well drilling rigs and hospital furnishings.

In agriculture by its use in building farm machinery and irrigation pumps.

In transportation by its use in building and repairing parts for vehicles.

In communications by its use as as a cell phone charging station.

In village life by being a source of battery power for home lighting.

In education by providing vocational education students with machine tools that they build themselves and then are able to take back to their villages when they graduate.

There's lots other stuff, such as a complete Machinist course(!),  a compressor, and hydraulic press, and what have you!!!

So stop wasting time on wishing and hoping, go to this link, and BUILD STUFF!