The boy Mechanic, 700 ideas, use a few

"The Boy Mechanic", for boys of all ages.

(All images in this page came the .Pdf document found on the the below link)

Project Guttemberg,

freely puts at your disposal an Adobe .Pdf version of Popular Mechanic's classic, "The Boy Mechanic".

It's amazing what a 1913 book can offer to today and probably tomorrow's Tinkerers, if you do not adopt the "Jetsons Cartoon" atitude towards "old-fashioned technology".

The Lever, you know, one of the oldest Inventions, will still be used in Ages to come.


Because only an idiot will use anything else, when a Lever's all thats needed.

And now you see appearing, sometimes with How-tos that lots of people see, and stuff they actually build, when most could just buy them, but they do it JUST FOR FUN!

Want a self-lighting Arc searchlight?

A complete Home Foundry course, with all the steps and tools?

Hydrogen generators?

Arc welding tips?

Lathes, including one made of Plumbing tubes?

Parlor tricks?

Chemistry, early Electronics, Radio experiments, Astronomy, Gramophones,the list goes on and on!

It's a very well organized .Pdf version they made on Project Gutemberg, not a collection of scanned pages, SO you just have to:

-Download the largest .Pdf version;

-Open it on Adobe Readewr;

-Put whatever you look for on the Search Tool;

And I'm quite convinced you'll find a couple of answers!