The Wifi Teacher Guy

Stan, an University teacher from Inventor filled New Zealand, gives you this hands-on course... About Wi-fi Antennas

.. But that's not all!

Now here at the left, you can see him, alongside an overpriced piece of metal that's good for proffesional setups, but he teaches you a lot of other options!

But look at the picture below, you use a soda pop can as an antenna.

The real Goodie 'bout this one idea of his, is, you've gueesed it, it uses the Sun to calculate the thing's focal point! See, the X marks the spot!

So, not only you'll learn a lot of tech stuff from this neat teacher, you can use his examples for lots other uses, like a solar heater project, that all you need to build, are Scissors, a Stapler, and few else, and the focal point... 

Do as the image shows!

And as for the number of different ideas... How' bout more than 80?

 Just take a look at the website's main page, below:

Mungus humungus, the Site's a Plethora(see, I do know fancy words) of Tips!

Click on the image, that's about the Site: