Some more ways to have it made!

Courtesy of Ponoko's Facebook Posts, I knew about this article from Designer's Couch, "10 Services That Turn Your Designs Into Real Stuff", notice I give you 2 links, since the article may or may not be still around, by when you get to read this.

From there, let me pick a few, since not all may serve for Prototype builders, but If you don't find here what you want, just go to this information's origin, up there, on the first paragraph.

Ponoko, of course, if it needs laser-cut Plate of many Materials, go no further,

...And now, Ponoko offers Electronic Components, and Kits, along with the Acrylic!

A 3D Printing to order Firm, Shapeways,

And 100K Garages, a World-Wide Net of Fabricators, place your order, and chose your Fabber by his bid:

And if you want a Book to be printed, or your very own Walpaper, etc. go "10 Services That Turn Your Designs Into Real Stuff":

What about a 3D Printer made of Lego?
You got an Instructable, right here:

Yet one more, Red Blue CNC:

Great looks,

Completely re-settable, on top of a table, at it's side, see the Video:

Goes everywhere!

UP! the new, ready-made, 3D Printer.

Comes already assembled, just screw 5 or 6 bolts, and there you go.

A brief description, form Ponoko's Facebook:

The complete story of Whystler’s adventure with the UP! printer is below (along with more pictures). It’s well worth the read, but I’ve also chosen a few key points.


  • It’s a real 3D printer. The company website may look a little sketchy, but the printer exists and it really works. (yay!)
  • It’s basically plug-and-play with setup taking less than an hour.
  • It prints in 0.2-0.4mm layers depending on the desired detail and speed.
  • The detail is at least as good as a well-tuned Makerbot or Reprap, but don’t expect the perfectly smooth surface of a really high-end printer.
  • Read the entire manual before setting up the printer.
  • The PP3DP is selling the UP! for $1500 for the first 100 sold, then the price goes up to $3000. Here’s a pricing guide for some DIY printers.

A Video:

The whole story:!/notes/ponoko/review-of-the-up-3d-printer/427576357546

...And where to buy it: