Show off time!


Show off time!

Here's my Show Off time page!

For starters, an off focus picture of a TV Show enterview, yours truly demonstrating one of his own Inventions to a really fantastic' girl, and brains, too! 

Niah, niah niah niah, niah!

A Garden Variety Doomsday Machine, the Mongo Burner!

Since oil burners can be a bit wimpy for a DIY Napalm Metal Melter, why not adding water to the oil, so the mixture wil be a hidrogen/oil burning nightmare?

Don't try this at home, kids!

In fact, unless you're an experienced Fire Figher, don't try this at home, grown ups, too!

Microwave Hot-Dogging!

Here's what you can do with the Junked Microwave's fan and timer:

A small yet powerfull fan that will wotk for up to 30 minutes, then go off with a very Nerd-satisfying... Ding!

Here's the timer up close, notice the brown and the blue mains wires, they go to the 1st and 3rd terminals, and also power the timer's motor, and the white wires, on the 2nd and 3rd terminals are the ones that power the fan.  

Just some patience to open the timer and see what goes where, and you can put this baby to controll any electric gizmo, AND warn you when it goes off!

Yeah, I know, you can do a lot of freaky stuff with the Micro's antenna, but that's another story...

DON'T do any microwave antenna experiment at home, kids, unless you're properly supervised by someone that knows what the hell he's doing...

That thing can fry your nuts...

" ...And not in a good way! " (Jeff Dunham's Bubba J)

More nonsense, soon!