Publish your Inventions, now!

I always thought that Retailers, Manufacturers, and Inventors should get togheter, and publish your Gizmos, in limited or not limited, editions so you could either get some money for bigger stuff, or just get a steady living, that way...
Well, now, my friend  Jon Cantin had this idea, where that concept can fit, that one and many more!

ShopMarvels si the name of this get-together, and you can contact each other, os swap ideas and expertise, Inventors, Manufacturers, and Retailers, Designers, Consumers, whatever.
No more, Ideas that never came to be, due to mutual lack of contact, and isolation.
Here's some that are already there::
And you'll find this:

...Even this...

...And, of course, this:

But let's get the guy with the idea to say something: Industry Knowledge and Networking Directory

Friday, June 3rd, 2011
Networking is the most critical part of business as, like a tree, each new branch leads to new opportunities for growth and success. This is one reason why I decided to build as I have active discussions with shops, designers and manufacturers on a weekly basis.
Many shop owners want to network with retail shops to cut and distribute laser cut, 3d printed and/or cnc manufactured items for extra income. Many small retailers are looking to expand their product range with unique products. Manufacturers want to actively promote their products to the shop owners and the networking potentials keep growing.
Who started
Jon Cantin, entrepreneur, designer, 3D enthusiast, published author and all around hard working guy! He wanted a resource for his customers across various sites including and to come to one place to share their knowledge with others. The more we share, the more we grow!