Now wouldn't you like to learn all of this, in your home, at your own pace, on your PC, without spending a cent?

That way you'd order 10,000 CAD pieces you'd designed, with the best material, for the least bucks, and all of that without sounding like a dork to the Manufg. Company!

And Printed Circuit Boards for your Robot's brains!

Suppose there's a way?

There is!

-Gear heads start HERE,

-Electronic Buffs click here

1. Mechanical Pieces Manufg.


It's a Web Order Company, so they want you to order pieces, from 1 to a Zillion, BUT they cannot waste time with newbies' questions.

Gave up on newbies? NAH!
So what did they come up with?

They call it a Free CAD program, I call it Free E-Learning!

Yausa, yausa yausa, you download the program, install it, and suppose you want 5 20 teeth Gearwheels for your Prototype?

And you're not sure if you want them done on Aluminum or Nylon block?
What's the best Manufacturing procedure for either?
What's the cheapest?

Well, first you run the Progam, then you see either Help or the tutorials, and you choose Tools/Create/Gear.

A Gear Setings requester appears.

You choose 20 Gears.
This appears:

Now you want to see it 3D. The program tells you you haven't chosen the Gear's thickness, and you choose it.

Now you see it:

But you wanna see how much that's going to cost you, done on Nylon, so you choose Price. The program tell you you need to tell it where on Planet Earth you want it sent.

You put the adress.

A price appear.

Don't like it?

They offer price reduction options, like choosing a slower delivery, tooling it the easiest and cheapest way, man, they won't let you make a mistake!

Is that E-Learning or what?

So start now, do a lot of experiments, and order only when you're ready, 'cos you now all there is to know.

2. Printed Circuit Boards

Guess What - There's a sister company that does all of the above...

But for Electronics!

ONLY, you get the boards, not the components.

But you will learn Electronic CAD with another Freely Downloadable Program (I love those programs!).

It is also chuck full with help-as-you-go, hands-on tips along the drawing procedure, (this one tracks the PCB routes and all).

So, with the drilled & revealed boards, ready for soldering, you'll have the Documents to order the Final Assembly somewere else.

If it's only a Prototype, you won't even bother, and do it yourself, of course!

Have to mention Ponoko, too, now...

Ponoko, laser-cut plate, lots of materials, anywhere.

Whether it's Jewelry, intricate Machines,

or this Electron
ic Gizmo's case,  you can now draw something on a Vector Drawing Program, export it to .eps format, then have it Laser-cut, all around the world.

Materials like Aluminum, Felt, Styro, MDF, Bamboo, Acrylic, of course, go there, and see what can be done, mailed to you, and all it takes, then is to assemble it: